I Will Be Your Father Figure - Blessing Digha

“He used to call me his princess, his Cinderella.”

I Will Be Your Father Figure

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In this special episode of The Moth, we listen to five stories about fathers — from embarrassing jokes to tender moments shared on the road. The Moth’s Executive Producer, Sarah Austin Jenness, also interviews the fathers in her own family. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Adrianne McGillis’ father's favorite joke lands him in the hospital.

CJ Hunt reflects on mix-tapes and memories from his past.

Blessing Digha fears she has fallen short of her father’s expectations.

Lauren Thurman navigates life with her many iterations of dads.

Harwood Taylor reaches for a father who is out of touch.

Extras From This Episode

Adriane McGillis

Adriane Mc Gillis Mrh 1813 Extra 1

Per Adriane: My father, brother, and I are the three laughing in the face of the river. This photo was taken on a family vacation when we went white water rafting near Glacier National Forest.

Adriane Mc Gillis Mrh 1813 Extra 2

The drawing that started the story! Two men, walking abreast.

CJ Hunt

Cj Hunt Mrh 1813 Extra 2

CJ Hunt with his father. Taken 1-2 years before his story takes place.

Cj Hunt Mrh 1813 Extra 1

The action figures in CJ's father's office!

Lauren Thurman

Lauren Thurman Mrh 1813 Extra 2

Skip and Lauren, the day before she left on a six-week backpacking trip of Europe in 2015. Lauren says, "Skip asked me to watch TAKEN with him in advance of the trip. I'm not joking!"

Lauren Thurman Mrh 1813 Extra 1

The shadowbox Skip gave Lauren. Lauren says, "It includes pictures of the two of us, the frame of a racing bike he named "Nightfury" in honor of the movie that brought us together, and a crocheted Toothless dragon I made a couple Christmases ago."

Harwood Taylor

Harwood Taylor Mrh 1813 Extra 1

Harwood and his Dad on the way to a Houston Rockets Basketball game at The Summit in 1977. Harwood says "I was 13 and my dad was 53. Coincidentally, I’m now one year older than my dad was in this photo."