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Partner with us

Apply to bring a workshop to your community!

How We Work

The Moth Community Program partners with organizations of all types that are active within historically underrepresented and misrepresented communities. Through an application-based model, organizations explain how Moth storytelling can be useful in their space, and select partnerships are scheduled for our Fall and Spring seasons.

Each partner works with us to organize a 12-hour storytelling workshop for a group of 9-15 participants, as well as a Final Share, where each storyteller is invited to share their story in front of an invited audience.

Workshops are generally scheduled at least three months in advance. We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis. 

Please read through the following FAQ before submitting an application.

Where are the workshops held?

The Moth Community Program operates primarily within New York City, but we are excited to consider out of town partnerships when our missions align and funding is available. Workshops typically take place on site at the partner organization.

Does it cost anything?

We ask partners to cost-share on a sliding scale, based on ability.  Within New York City, we pursue outside funding to ensure that we never turn away an organization because they cannot afford a workshop.  When workshops require our team to travel, partners are responsible for funding additional expenses.  

What does the partner do?

Partners are responsible for engaging 9-15 committed participants, locating spaces for the workshop and Final Share, and communicating with us about goals and challenges related to the work, so we can best support participants throughout the process. Without an active, present and engaged partner, our work is not possible.

What happens in the workshop?

Over the course of the workshop, participants explore Moth principles of personal narrative, reflect on life experiences through a series of prompts, identify one personal story they wish to tell, and craft a five-minute version with the help of Moth instructors and in small groups. Each workshop opens with trust-building games to develop a supportive space.

Note: participants do not need to have their story identified before the workshop begins. Brainstorming plays a big role in our work, and many participants find their stories after the workshop has started.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have an opportunity to tell their stories in front of a small, invited audience, without notes. 

How does the schedule work?

We work with partners to structure our 12-hour workshop in a way that best serves participants. We can host six 2-hour sessions, four 3-hour sessions, three 4-hour sessions, or two 6-hour sessions. Workshop sessions must be scheduled no more than one week apart, and Final Shares take place directly after the last session.

Are Final Shares open to the public?

The Final Shares can vary in size, but they are invite-only spaces and not open to the general public or ticket sales. Typically, they take place on site at the partner organization, and sometimes in the same room where the workshop is held. Audiences often include friends and family of the participants and select members of the local community. The Share is meant to be a supportive and unintimidating space, and a true celebration of the work, where everyone who has taken the workshop has the chance to share their story.

Each Final Share is recorded. With the storyteller’s permission, each story considered for broadcast on The Moth Radio Hour and podcast.

In addition to the workshop Final Shares, we produce several Showcases each year for which select participants further develop their stories for events open to the public.

What happens after the workshop?

We truly hope the stories told in workshop are the first of many. All workshop participants become members of our Alumni Program, which includes:

  • free tickets to live shows
  • invitations to share and pitch new stories
  • and opportunities to engage in a growing network of storytellers and listeners around the world.

How do I apply?

You can find our application here.