Become a Partner - Her Justice Final Share 2018

Become a Partner

The Moth's Community Program partners with nonprofit organizations and cultural institutions to uplift the voices of underrepresented people and communities.  As we champion these narratives, we grow both individually and collectively as The Moth seeks to create a more empathetic world through the power of storytelling.

To better understand how storytelling can be useful for the growth and enrichment of their communities, non-profit organizations are invited to apply to host a Moth workshop. Selected partnerships are scheduled for our Fall and Spring seasons. 

Apply to bring a workshop to your community!

What We Offer

The Moth Community Program invites people to gather with constituents of their organization to share personal stories.  In all our workshop spaces, tellers are the experts of their stories, and listening is as important as sharing. Our careful framework for facilitation, coupled with our expertise, provides a uniquely connective experience.

Below you'll find more information on our workshop options and models.

  • Introductory Workshops acquaint participants with Moth storytelling principles and guide them through a brainstorming process.  This model takes three hours and accommodates 10 - 60 participants.

  • One Day Workshops build on the introductory model with three additional hours of story crafting.  This model takes six hours and accommodates 15 - 30 participants.

  • Intensive Workshops offer a deep dive into the art and craft of storytelling. The intensive concludes with participants performing five-minute stories for a small, invite-only audience.  This model takes 15-hours, broken up over a series of sessions, and accommodates 12 - 15 participants.

  • Keynotes and abbreviated workshop sessions are available for select conferences and events.  They include an introduction to Moth storytelling and a taste of the brainstorming process.

What You Offer

Every workshop is hosted by a partner organization— community-based organizations, nonprofits, and cultural institutions that have strong relationships in the communities they serve. As a part of this partnership, each organization agrees to provide the following: 

  • A completed application that communicates the dynamics, goals and needs of their organization so that we can best support participants throughout the workshop process
  • A partner contact who is responsible for recruiting participants and communicating regularly with Moth staff
  • A secure location for the workshop(s)

Past partners include: The Bronx Defenders, the Generations Project, the Idaho Office for Refugees, the Innocence Project, the Minnesota Humanities Center, the Muslim Writers Collective, Her Justice, New Women New Yorkers, the Urban Justice Center, and Upstream Arts.


What do workshops cost?  Partner organizations contribute on a sliding scale.  Within New York City, we pursue funding to ensure that we never turn away an organization because they cannot afford a workshop.  When workshops require our team to travel outside of New York City, partners are responsible for covering our travel and accommodations.

How far in advance are workshops scheduled?   Introductory workshops are scheduled at least two months in advance. Intensives are scheduled  a minimum of three months in advance. Workshops requiring our team to travel outside New York City are scheduled at least six months in advance. 

What if my organization does not fit into any of your initiatives?  Please apply anyway!  The Moth honors the diversity and commonality of the human experience, and our work is not limited to any mission, project, or identity.

Do you partner with organizations to produce shows for the public?  No.  If you’re interested in bringing a public Moth event to your community, please contact our production team here.

Do stories from your workshops ever get selected to air on your radio show or podcast?  They do on occasion, but only when our participants give us permission to review the audio for broadcast.

Do you ever work with for-profit corporations?  We don't, but our colleagues over in MothWorks do! 

Do you work with schools?  No, but our Education Program does!  

How To Apply

You can find our application here.  We look forward to hearing from you!