Host a Story Circle



What is a Moth Story Circle?

It’s like a one-time Book Club, but for stories! A Story Circle is a group of people, recruited by a Host, who come together virtually to discuss Moth stories on a topic of shared interest. 

Why should I form one?

  • To expand awareness about the power of true, personal stories to plant seeds of empathy by cracking open hearts and minds.

  • To grow our audience.

  • To activate new networks of donors.

How do I get started?

It’s easy! You select a theme—we pull together a playlist with three of our very best stories on said theme—and share it with your community. Then you set a date/time to come together—pick a virtual platform—and send a calendar invitation with the meeting link and your phone number. Don’t forget to send a reminder with the playlist and meeting link the day before your event! Something to keep in mind is that Zoom fatigue is real, and we want to leave attendees wanting more, so please make your Story Circle 45 minutes or less.

Where do I sign up?


The night of…

  • Log onto your platform and admit your participants. 

  • Start with a round of introductions and ask everyone to share something Mothy about themselves, such as: 

“In two sentences or less, tell us about a time you...succumbed to temptation/bit off more than you could chew/felt on top of the world.”

  • Delve into the stories one-by-one. Don’t worry! We’ll provide you with some prompts, activities, and questions to keep the conversation flowing.

  • After you’ve touched on all three stories and everyone has had a chance to share, bring things to a close by sharing your “Elevator Pitch” about The Moth. For example, you might say:

“I really appreciate everyone for taking the time to join me tonight! The stories we shared were recorded at live storytelling events, presented by one of my favorite nonprofits, The Moth. I support The Moth because I believe in the power of storytelling to create connections, to build bridges, to bond, and to heal, which is something we need more than ever, after the year we’ve just endured. If you’d like to get involved or learn more, I encourage you to host your own Story Circle—The Moth makes it easy, I promise!—or consider making a donation of any amount that feels right. As a nonprofit, The Moth relies upon charitable contributions to produce and share engaging, well-crafted stories at live shows, on a free, weekly Radio Hour and podcast, and in its Education & Community Programs. When you support The Moth, you create a better world. If you’d like to get more involved, I’ll post a link in the chat. Thanks again and have a wonderful evening!”