Meet the engine and heart of The Moth.

Full Time Staff

Artistic Director

Catherine Burns
Catherine Burns is The Moth's long-time Artistic Director. Born and raised in Alabama, she now lives in Brooklyn with her husband and six year old son. Find her on Twitter: @burnzieny

Executive Director

Sarah Haberman
Sarah Haberman is The Moth's Executive Director. A native of Wisconsin, she's a devoted Packers fan and cheesehead. Having been involved with The Moth since 2002, she's always looking for ways to support this beautiful artform.

Executive Producer

Sarah Austin Jenness
SAJ has been on staff at The Moth since 2005. Despite rumors that it must be a laugh-track, her distinctive laugh can be heard on many Moth recordings. Each laugh is absolutely genuine.

Senior Producer

Jenifer Hixson
Each year Jenifer asks hundreds of people to identify the turning points of their lives and helps them shape those experiences into stories. She falls a little bit in love with each storyteller, and hopes you will too.

Senior Producer

Meg Bowles
You: Seat 21A on a flight from Copenhagen to New York - you told me that amazing story about the crazy thing that happened to you. Me: The person who wants to convince you to stand on stage and tell it to a room full of people.

Senior Producer

Maggie Cino
Maggie came to the Moth by way of clown school and found the two have much in common. She was never good at small talk and is relieved to find a place that embraces the big feelings.

Senior Producer, Corporate Programs

Kate Tellers
Kate went to her first StorySLAM, fortuitously themed BEGINNINGS, in 2007 and has been a part of The Moth ever since. She lives in Brooklyn with her furry husband, baby and dog.

Director of Development

Inga Glodowski
Mom of two tween boys, Inga is always looking for ways (other than basketball) to connect with them. Moth stories have proved, time and again, to be powerful keys for unlocking the doors to their magical hearts and minds.

Director of Production

Jennifer Birmingham
From Wisconsin, Jennifer shared 1 bathroom, a pillow and a communal sock drawer with 10 siblings. The ultimate team training, this experience gave her a deep appreciation for stretching budgets and finding quiet voices in a crowd.

Senior Manager, Education Program

Micaela Blei
Micaela taught third grade for several years before she discovered The Moth. Her talents include staying on a bicycle, putting together Ikea furniture and getting people excited about story structure.

Deputy Director of Development

David Mutton
As the parent to a toddler, David is an expert in the works of Mo Willems. He also spends a disturbing amount of time writing about the game of cricket, with credits including a multitude of websites, journals, and books.

Senior Manager, Finance and Administration

Anna Katrina Olujimi
Anna has a deep love of numbers, sports, and poetry, believing in the playful and profound intersections of language and story to be discovered when one mines the depths of any combination of the three.

Producer & College Program Manager

Kirsty Bennett
Kirsty moved from England to America in 2010 to live a life filled with stories as part of The Moth. She enjoys putting already-completed tasks on to-do lists so she can cross them out immediately.

Manager, Community Program

Larry Rosen
After 25 years teaching, directing, and practicing theater and comedy performance, Larry discovered the simplicity, power, and beauty of true stories. Shortly thereafter he found The Moth. As they say, timing is everything.

Manager, Education Program

Catherine McCarthy
Catherine is a recovering Texan happily transplanted in NYC. (She does miss BBQ, the rodeo, and her family.) She's passionate about providing spaces for young people to speak and be heard.

Chief of Staff

Sarah Jane Johnson
A proud Nebraskan, Sarah Jane is a former homecoming queen and rugby player who is passionate about gardening, carbs, and the transformative power of storytelling.

Manager, Community Program

Jenelle Pifer
Jenelle enjoys when people write like they talk and speak like themselves. She wrote for radio and magazines in Pittsburgh before coming to The Moth. She’s learning to play cello and dreaming of making it sound ugly in a good way.

Media and Archive Manager

Michael La Guerra
Michael has a fierce love for audio pieces, organization, Drake's emotions, & Broad City's feminism. He enjoys living as a woke individual & sees the importance of archiving stories as they provide us with deep personal histories.

Producer, Digital Media

Jemma Rose Brown
Jemma is a media maker thinking deeply about making storytelling more discoverable online. She grew up on the fourth floor of a former cheese warehouse in Lower Manhattan, and is more interested in the how than the why.

Production Manager, The Moth Radio Hour & Producer, The Moth Podcast

Timothy Lou Ly
Timothy enjoys doing big things quietly in a noisy media landscape, and also believes in stories that do so - one earbud at a time. He is a full-time tea drinker, part-time universe wonderer, and all-time Mario Kart great.

Producer, Corporate Programs

Sam Hacker
Sam discovered an internship posting at The Moth the night before the application deadline closed, and the rest is (hi)story. She enjoys word puns, bread products and finding ways to make people care about budgets.

Associate Producer

Phoebe Wang
Phoebe loves data collection, skipping small talk, and people-creeping in the most non-creepy way possible. She's also a mixed media artist - say hello at / @feebswang, or at a StorySLAM.


Michelle Jalowski
After exploring and adventuring for much of her 20s, Michelle is happy to have landed back in New York and at The Moth, where she can fulfill her insatiable need for building connection through stories.

Global Producer

Nadine Tadros
From Egypt & DC, Nadine relies on stories to connect the dots between her two homes. She’s met great creatures – a cuddling turkey, a purring goat – but is most inspired by Deedee the dog, who’s chased stories with her for 14 yrs.

Assistant Producer

Anna Martin
Anna often develops personal catchphrases she immediately regrets and has to train herself to stop using them. A recent college graduate, she enjoys airplane turbulence, feeling awed, and asking follow-up questions.

Associate Producer

Chloe Salmon
Chloe came to The Moth from Manhattan, Kansas (yes, really). She loves mysteries and would be the world’s best detective if given the chance, but is more than happy to live in the suspense that can be found in a story well-told.

Archive Assistant

Lauren Fiorelli
Lauren came to The Moth because she wanted to hear true stories and help share them with other people. She is a prison abolitionist and future library scientist who enjoys getting good reading done in transit.

Assistant Producer

Betsy Perez
Betsy is an Afro-Dominican womanist, born on the island and raised in the Boogie Down! She believes storytelling is healing; a (r)evolutionary act. Her playlist hasn’t left the 90s or early 2000s however, she is, In Formation.

Part Time Staff

Event Recording Supervisor

Miles Smith

Senior Instructor, Corporate Program

Bonnie Levison

Curatorial Associate

Casey Donahue

Video Editor

Suzette Burton


Meryl Weinsaft Cooper

Local StorySLAM Producers

Ann Arbor and Detroit StorySLAM Producer

Patricia Wheeler

Asheville StorySLAM Producer

Sara Fields

Boston StorySLAM Producer

Gina James

Boston StorySLAM Producer

Genevieve Sponsler

Burlington StorySLAM Producer

Susanne Schmidt

Chicago StorySLAM Producer

Tyler Greene

Chicago StorySLAM Assistant Producer

Lauren Leeber

DC StorySLAM Producer

Mojdeh Rezaeipour

Denver StorySLAM Producer

Betsy Lamberson

Dublin StorySLAM Producer

Julien Clancy

Houston StorySLAM Producer

Elizabeth Sosa Bailey

Houston StorySLAM Producer

Jasper Gumatay

Los Angeles StorySLAM Producer

Gary Buchler

London StorySLAM Producer

Anna Lumsden

Louisville StorySLAM Producer

Tara Anderson

Madison StorySLAM Producer

Jen Rubin

Madison StorySLAM Producer

Alexandria Delcourt

Melbourne StorySLAM Producer

Merrilee McCoy

Milwaukee StorySLAM Producer

Niki Robinson

New Orleans StorySLAM Producer

Dana Bialek

New York StorySLAM Producer

Michelle Jalowski

New York StorySLAM Producer

Lauren Fiorelli

Philadelphia StorySLAM Producer

Katerina Clauhs

Pittsburgh StorySLAM Producer

Kelly Flanagan Dee

Portland StorySLAM Producer

Dave Williams

Portland StorySLAM Producer

Phoebe Flanigan

Portland StorySLAM Producer

Meghan Sinnott

San Francisco StorySLAM Producer

Jillian Corey

San Francisco StorySLAM Producer

Megan Jones

Seattle StorySLAM Producer

Danielle K.L. Gregoire

Sydney StorySLAM Producer

Alli Sebastian Wolf

Twin Cities StorySLAM Producer

Hannah Sobol