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Homepage - Marlon James Photo By Michael Holst

“Now there are things you need to know about demons. Demons don't possess you, they influence you. And I was very good as a junior Exorcist.”

When the World Shifts The Moth Radio Hour

Photo by Michael Holst

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Homepage - Ellen Stofan

“I've got three children, and this mission became my fourth child.”

Sailing on an Alien Sea The Moth Radio Hour

Photo by Jason Falchook

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Homepage - Neil Gaiman

“When I told my dad I wanted to be a writer, he thought I was going to starve and suggested instead that I got an office job.”

25 Years of Stories: Storytelling with Neil Gaiman The Moth Podcast
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Homepage - Storytelling School

New storytelling activities from The Moth’s Education program each month!

Storytelling School

Listen to

An Office Job

by Neil Gaiman

Daddy Hurricane

by Kim Sykes

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“Human beings continue to be inexplicably attracted to artful storytelling in every language, everywhere in the world.”
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