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The Moth Education Program works with young people and educators to build community through storytelling workshops, performances and innovative resources.

Our Programs

High School StorySLAM

Students sign up to join their school’s StorySLAM team and meet after school with Moth instructors and faculty advisors. They share stories, learn the craft and get comfortable speaking in front of an audience. After five weeks of preparation, students share their stories onstage at a StorySLAM for their school community. The impact of this seemingly simple process has been profound. Students have identified newfound empathy, confidence, life perspective, and the rare feeling of being listened to without being interrupted.

All-City StorySLAM

The Moth All City StorySLAM gives New York City high school students the opportunity to create real connections with peers from different boroughs and backgrounds. Students meet once a week on Saturdays at The Moth Office, for six to eight weeks, to practice storytelling strategies, share stories in a public show and reflect together after their performance.

College Program

The Moth College Program brings workshops and StorySLAMs to campuses across the country. Events can be tailored to suit a university’s mission and schedule, with workshops ranging from a single day to longer residencies. Workshops on campus build a sense of community across diverse social groups and subject disciplines, and create a new way for students to consider themselves and the world around them. Our goal is to help students strengthen the skills necessary to succeed in college, develop reflection and perspective on their life, build bonds of community in the often isolating college years, and forge a path toward a lifelong involvement in and appreciation of storytelling.

Teacher Professional Development

In master class presentations and workshops, teachers learn the tools of storytelling for curriculum connection, effective classroom engagement, and faculty community-building. Teachers craft and tell their own stories, allowing them to share authentically with students and colleagues within the boundaries of a Moth story structure. After workshops, teachers have noted both a newfound sense of community with one another and enthusiasm for bringing the art form back to their students.

Our Values

  • We believe that processing experience through narrative can provide insight and agency.
  • We believe that listening to stories can widen our perspective and help us realize what we have in common.
  • We believe that a community is strengthened when its members share stories with one another.

Our Strategy

  • Create a supportive space in which people can listen and be heard.
  • Provide tools for storytelling including story craft and performance tools.
  • Provide a platform for stories to be heard through our channels: The Moth’s podcast, Peabody award-winning Radio Hour, and live performances.

Alfonso Lacayo, "The Bad Haircut."