Impact - Education Impact


Our workshops, assemblies, master classes and slams have an impact on the storytellers who work together – and the audiences who get to hear them.

Since 2012, 350 students have shared a true, personal story onstage with the High School StorySLAM program, and approximately 2500 students have heard their peers sharing a Moth story onstage. Hundreds more students have taken part in in-class workshops, and over 350 educators have participated in our Professional Development programs.

Education Impact

What students have to say

"I used to have judgments of people without even knowing them. The Moth has helped me to realize you can’t just judge a person on the spot, you don’t really know someone until you know their story."

"I liked meeting with a small group of people that I could trust, laugh, and be serious with."

"Being surrounded by people that cared about one of your life experiences was a great experience in itself."

"By doing this Slam, I feel as if I have come to an understanding with myself. I am less hesitant and am less fearful to try new things."

"Getting on a stage to tell a group of people a story about myself was a step for me. I would tell someone who was new to storytelling that every life has a million stories, and if you look deep enough, you’ll find one."

"I never thought I was able to share a story that people would want to listen to, or be interested and invested in. When I first shared my story in the workshop I realized the power of my words and story…I honestly feel like a stronger person because of my experience."

"The Moth is dope."

What educators have to say

"This was the best professional development I’ve ever been to."
-Teacher, New York City

"The Moth gives my students an opportunity to be vulnerable with each other in front of their peers in a safe, nurturing environment."
-Alicia Wargo, School Principal, DreamYard Preparatory School (Bronx, NY)

"This kind of forum needs to exist in all of our schools… It has drastically changed my relationships with my students."
-Jessica Altounian, faculty advisor, DreamYard Preparatory School (Bronx, NY)

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated that presentation, and how much potential programs like yours can have for schools. I say this not only as an English teacher of 20 years, but also as a union staffer who has spent a lot of time in the past ten years wondering how to stop the perverse affects of high-stakes accountability."
-Jackie Bennett, United Federation of Teachers