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The Moth Community Program provides the space, tools, and expertise for people to practice the art and craft of personal storytelling.  We partner with community organizations, small nonprofits, and cultural institutions to host workshops that inspire confidence and self-reflection in storytellers and listeners, and deepen connections within and between communities.

Since 1999, The Moth has been partnering with community organizations around the world to practice storytelling as an art form and a powerful tool of communication. Through workshops and performance opportunities, participants shape selected life experiences into well-crafted stories and share them with members of their communities and beyond. 

We believe that by honoring the individual experience, we can:

  • challenge dominant narratives
  • inspire greater confidence in storytellers
  • deepen connection in community
  • and spark empathy among listeners around the world.

If you’re interested in partnering with us, learn more on our Get Involved page, and Apply!

Listen to our Featured Playlist: Stories About The Justice System

In celebration of the Moth Community Program's Justice Project, click here to listen to justice-related stories from all our programs and stages.

Our 2017-2018 partners:
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The Justice Project

The Moth Justice Project offers storytelling workshops and performance opportunities to those affected by the criminal justice system, including the currently and formerly incarcerated, people with incarcerated loved ones, survivors of violence, public defenders, law enforcement, and others. We believe that people who have personal experiences with the system are its experts and best poised to further the conversation about its future. By working with them, we hope to elevate a broad range of personal narratives and create a more informed public and a more productive dialogue.

Women and Girls

Through this initiative, The Moth works with organizations and individuals who decisively illuminate issues such as health, gender-based violence, access to education, and other social issues facing women and girls around the world. We believe that the elevation of their personal stories has the power to unite listeners and storytellers alike in building a rounded understanding of gender-based inequality.

Global Development

The Moth Community Program began conducting workshops with global health and development experts in 2014 through a partnership with the Aspen Institute's New Voices Fellowship that continues today. We believe that storytelling provides a vehicle for those at the forefront of global health to explore their work through personal narratives. By discovering and sharing universal themes, these storytellers can humanize pressing social issues and move these conversations forward.