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MothWorks at The Moth develops workshops and private events for leaders, colleagues, and communities to apply the craft of storytelling to build teams, inspire culture and elevate communication at work and beyond.

Programming starts at $12,000. In-person and virtual experiences are available.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“The Moth storytelling workshop that was held at our first Legend was an absolute hit. The stories that our instructors told with your help and process were beautiful and unforgettable."

— Ethan Levy, Instructor Talent Coordinator

“They are the best at teaching people how to tell better stories."

— Kevin George, then Global Chief Marketing Officer

“The Moth [has] such a unique ability to connect with speakers to humanize and illuminate their experiences in a beautiful and empowering way.”

— Alison Armando, Senior Public Relations Counselor

Our Impact

“After one session, a group of 100 salespeople from MassMutual saw a 10% increase in their rate of closing deals.”
“Through its MothWorks program, the [Moth] runs customized workshops for companies such as Google, Nike, and Ford, demonstrating the power of storytelling as a communications tool in business.”
“The Moth gave [Interface] a common vernacular of how powerful a story could be when told the right way.”
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The Moth is a nonprofit organization that celebrates the art and craft of true personal storytelling. Your support of MothWorks at The Moth allows us to continue working with students, educators, and community organizations to host storytelling workshops across the world.