Frequently Asked Questions

Must-know information about The Moth.

In response to concerns about COVID-19:

Our goal is to create a safe environment that fosters empathy and builds a community enriched by storytelling. In an effort to abide by local and state guidelines, please reference each event's ticket landing page for updates on COVID-19 regulations. 

To find shows in your area, and to confirm COVID-19 safety measures for your event, please visit We value you as a part of The Moth’s storytelling community.

Please stay safe and healthy!


We know that stories are a vital tool in creating a world sustained by empathy, understanding, and community. To get your fix of Moth storytelling, you can listen to The Moth Radio Hour and The Moth podcast on TheMoth.orgApple PodcastsSpotify and all other major streaming platforms or visit The Moth's YouTube channel to enjoy stories told from the stage.


What benefits will I get as a member?

Thank you for considering membership! As a nonprofit, we depend on the generosity of donors to keep our programming going. Along with the benefit of knowing that you are helping The Moth continue to spread empathy through the power of storytelling, you will also receive a range of benefits at each level of membership, which you can review here!

Okay, I’m convinced! How do I become a member?

You can sign up for any membership level and start reaping the benefits here.


How do I listen to The Moth on the go?

There are a few ways to listen to The Moth Radio Hour and The Moth Podcast on your phone:

  1. The Apple podcast app - Search for The Moth and download your favorite episodes or “subscribe” to automatically receive all of the latest shows on your phone,

  2. The Spotify app - Search for The Moth and listen or follow us for the most recent content,

  3. Stitcher - Simply search for The Moth,

  4. Additional streaming platforms (RadioPublic | RSS) - The Moth is available on most streaming platforms, simply search The Moth and download your favorite episodes

Where can I find The Moth online?

Our entire archive of episodes and aired stories is available on (hey, you’re already here!). Just click on “Stories” at the top of this page. You can further filter by “Moth Radio Hour,” “Podcast,” or “Listen to the Library” to access individual stories. 

I prefer listening to The Moth on my public radio station. How do I listen to The Moth Radio Hour as it airs?

You can find all of our local air times here. If you don’t see your local station, reach out and tell them you’d like to hear The Moth Radio Hour on their airwaves!

Radio “Extras”

I really want to access that meatloaf recipe/see that embarrassing storyteller photo/hear the rest of the interview mentioned in one of your radio hours! Where can I find it?

To access the radio “extras” (such as links, photos, etc.) that storytellers provide, go to or (you’ve been here all along!), click “Stories” at the top of the page. In the drop down, select “Radio Extras.” This will take you to a list of episodes. This will take you to a list of episodes. Click on the one you’d like and enjoy the supplementary content! Extras should be available within the week the story airs.

I loved one of the songs in last week's radio episode. How can I find out what it was?

You can access the list of music used in our episodes by visiting the “Stories” tab at the top of this page, clicking on “The Moth Radio Hour,” selecting the episode you’re looking for, and scrolling to the bottom of the episode page. You can also look up music on The Moth’s page on the Public Radio Exchange. Again, just click on the episode you’re looking for and scroll to the bottom.

Tickets to Shows

When do Mainstage tickets go on sale?

Most Mainstage tickets are put on-sale by our partners and therefore we don’t have control over when they are posted. That said, we always know when they go up and will let you know if you are on our mailing list! You can also keep checking our website for availability. 

When do SLAM tickets go on sale? 

Tickets for StorySLAMs generally go on sale at 3pm Eastern Time one to two weeks before the date of the event. However, the ticket sale date and time is posted with each event. You can also be notified when tickets are available for purchase by joining the mailing list for your SLAM city.

Tickets for GrandSLAMS go on sale 2 to 4 weeks in advance of the date of the event.  We send an e-mail as soon as the ticketing link is live, so you may want to join our mailing list! You can also keep checking our website for availability. 

Are seats at SLAMs guaranteed?

They are not, so we recommend arriving early as all seats are first come first serve and there is standing room at all of our events. If you find yourself seatless, just know that you are getting the authentic Moth experience as our first shows were a standing room only storytelling series. So listening on your feet as a community is as true to The Moth as you can get!

That said, if you require courtesy seating, please email us and let us know at

I tried to get tickets online but they’re all sold out! Can I get tickets at the door?

For many of our StorySLAM events, we do sell a small amount of door tickets at the venue. Please refer to your event’s landing page for more information.

I can’t make the event anymore! Can I get a refund for my tickets or exchange them for a different show?

The Moth is a non-profit organization, and we work hard to keep ticket prices affordable. Thus, we are unable to absorb the fees associated with refunds or exchanges for a different show date. 

However, Moth tickets are transferable to friends! You are welcome to pass them along to a friend even though your name is associated with the tickets. Just ask your friends to give your name when they present their tickets.

There is an exception to this rule: Moth members at any level can exchange StorySLAM tickets for a future StorySLAM of their choice. Another great reason to visit our membership page and consider joining!

Live Shows

How do I get The Moth to come to my city?

We would love to be in every city and are working hard to make it to as many places as we can. The best way to speed this process along is to contact your local public radio station and let them know you would love to have The Moth live in your area. You can also fill out a form to request The Moth in your city. (We really do consider these requests when we look for the next place we will go!)

Can I start my own storytelling event like The Moth?

Please! We want to spread the art and craft of storytelling far and wide and encourage anyone and everyone to tell their stories and give others spaces to do so as well. We do, however, ask that you not call your event “The Moth,” or a “Moth StorySLAM,” though using “Moth-inspired” in the fine print is just fine!

Okay, great! Can you help me start my own event?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with any formal resources, here’s a link to our Tips for Starting Your Own Storytelling page that we hope will help!

Telling a Story

How can I pitch my own story to The Moth?

Thank you in advance for sharing your story with us! To leave a recording of your pitch, you can follow this link or call 1-877-799-MOTH

Here’s what we need: Wow us with a 2-minute pitch of your story! Start with your name, email, story title and name of the city where your story takes place. Tell us the actual story – not what it's about or what it might be. Give us a sense of your story arc and how your story changed you. The stories must be TRUE and must be YOUR STORY – not your sister's or your best friend's. Cliffhangers will not be considered (i.e. "and so begins the story of the greatest adventure of my life"). Go on! Tell us about the adventure and don't leave us hanging!

I submitted my pitch! When will I hear back?

Hooray and thank you! We receive a lot of pitches, and please know that we listen to every single one! However, because we receive so many, we are unable to respond to all of them. If one of our directors would like to hear more about your story and/or your pitch is selected to appear in an episode of The Moth Radio Hour, you will be contacted. And, unless you received an error message after you submitted, we received it!

How can I tell a story at a SLAM?

The first step is purchasing tickets for the SLAM you would like to attend, which you can find on our live events page. All of our shows have themes, so make sure your story matches the theme or vice versa! 

Once you arrive at the venue, make your way to the stage. You will be asked to sign a release with one of our producers or volunteers. You will then put your release in the bag that sits at the front of the stage - this is essentially “throwing your name in the hat!” Throughout the show, ten names will be chosen at random. If yours is chosen, you will get on stage to tell your 5-minute story based on the theme of the night!

I told a story! Can I get a copy of the recording?

First, congratulations on telling your story! Yes, we have recordings available - audio is available for $15 and video for $50. To request your recording, please fill out our AV request form. Please note that processing takes about two months. Your recording will be sent to you as a digital file via email once it is ready! 

Do I have to tell a story if I attend a SLAM?

Nope! Participation in SLAMs is completely voluntary and you are more than welcome to sit back and listen. Storytelling takes a teller and listener after all, so no matter whether you take the plunge and take the stage or prefer enjoying from your seat, you are an important part of the equation!

Volunteer Opportunities

How can I volunteer with The Moth?

Thank you for your interest in helping out! Many of our events in cities across the world depend on people like you. Volunteering generally means you will be assisting at one of our live shows: folding and handing out programs, seating guests, etc. We are unable to host any kind of volunteering in our office at this time. If you’d like to sign up as a volunteer, send an email with your phone number and the location in which you’d like to help out to; we will add you to the volunteer list for that city!

Education and Workshops

How can I bring The Moth to my school?

The Moth Education Program works with young people and educators to build community through storytelling workshops, performances and innovative resources. 

Teachers looking to use Moth resources in the classroom can apply to become a curriculum partner here.

If you are interested in bringing a Moth workshop, assembly or professional development opportunity to your school or college campus, please complete our EDU inquiry form. To learn more about our Education programming and resources, visit our Education page

How can I bring a Moth workshop to my organization?

The Moth partners with community organizations, cultural institutions and non-profits to host workshops that inspire confidence and self-reflection as well as deepen connections between and within communities. Check out our Community webpage for more information on the structure of our workshops and partnerships that we consider. We accept applications for workshops on an ongoing basis. You can apply here!

How can I bring a Moth workshop or event to my brand?

MothWorks offers customized workshops and private events. Using the Seven Principles of Moth Storytelling, developed through work with over twenty thousand storytellers, our workshops introduce a vocabulary for storytelling and develop practical storytelling solutions for business. You can find more information on the MothWorks program here

Do you have individual coaching sessions or workshops that I, as an individual, can sign up for?

We don’t offer individual coaching or open workshops. If you’re looking to hone your storytelling skills, check out our Storytelling Tips & Tricks as a jumping off point and then practice, practice, practice! Regale your friends and family, practice for your cat, or come to a SLAM and tell us your tale! We’d love to hear it.