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Dispatches from the Moth · Posted On: Aug 23, 2016

The Next Generation of Story Teachers

by Catherine McCarthy

Moth Teaching Interns 2

Moth teaching interns selfie.

This week, our Education Program is teaming up with The DreamYard Project to train the next generation of story teachers: the Moth Teaching Interns. 

Alums of our High School StorySLAM program, here in NYC, kept asking how they could stay involved and do more with The Moth. The Teaching Internship is a way for them to do just that-- while they also get important experience and training as teaching artists. Any high school senior or graduate who took part in a High School StorySLAM program can apply to be a teaching intern. This fall we accepted six interns, and we can’t wait to get started with them.

Mentored by Moth teaching artists, our teaching interns will help lead the StorySLAM workshops in high schools in NYC, and on our All City teams: they’ll make sure everyone feels welcome and supported, lead warm-up games and story exercises, and eventually even design a full lesson plan and lead it themselves. It’s a learning experience for our interns, but along the way, they’re also helping to create a team.

“I learned that I have a really great capacity to hold the space for students. And I learned I could be a bridge between a teacher and a student- a friend AND a mentor.”
— Mmachi Dimoriaku, a Teaching Intern with The Moth last year —

This week, we’re all up at The DreamYard Arts Project in the Bronx for Internship training. We’re talking about how to be a teaching artist and a professional, how stories can serve as the atom of many different art forms, and most importantly, why stories matter.

We are so excited to introduce our new class of Moth Teaching Interns: Bethany Cintron, Mukhtar Essa, Bryan Gross, Aminata Sillah, Diavian Walters, and Nica Williams. Watch this space for more from these wonderful people!

Moth Teaching Interns 1

Top row left to right: Mukhtar Essa, Aminata Sillah, Nica Williams and Bryan Gross. Bottom row left to right: Diavian Walters, Bethany Cintron, Mmachi Dimoriaku

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