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Dispatches from the Moth · Posted On: Jul 25, 2016

Meet the New Moth Interns

by Timothy Lou Ly and Zachary Zuckerman

Hi, it's Tim and Zach and we're taking over the dispatch this week! To welcome the newest group of interns to The Moth we thought what better way to introduce them than to tell a story. Producing these short videos was a great time and way to get to know our fellow interns. We hope you enjoy their stories as much as we do. We'd also like to thank George Dawes Green and his new project, Sudden Owl, for inspiring us.

Omaria Pratt

Omaria on her brother's arrest: Shortly before Tyrone's 13th birthday, he and three of his friends robbed a pizza delivery man with a BB gun. Since the robbery involved a weapon, the boys were arrested the next day - my brother included. My brother was sentenced to three years in juvenile detention, six hours away from home. This was his first offense. Though he was involved, he was not the one holding the gun. I believe what they got from the robbery were several boxes of pizza and less than a hundred dollars cash.

Omaria And Tyrone

Omaria and her brother Tyrone

Omaria Pratt graduated from UNC-Wilmington with a degree in Theatre, moved to New York City shortly afterwards and decided to become a writer.  She has been a literaryintern for Symphony Space where she worked with the director and producer of Selected Shorts, as well as an events production intern with theCenter for Fiction. She currently lives and writes in Brooklyn. 

Olivia Bradley-Skill


Baby Olivia (pictured left) // Olivia (third from left) and siblings

Olivia Bradley-Skill graduated in June from Princeton University, where she majored in History of Science. While there, she spent most of her time at the radio station, WPRB Princeton, where she was a DJ and served as Music and Development Directors. She's originally from Los Angeles and is a big fan of avocados.

Zachary Zuckerman

Zach would like to add that the brother of the woman he was working for also helped put out the fire, and that it took place in La Junta County, not Pueblo.

Zach Fire

Picture of Zach before the fire got out of control.

Video of the fire:

Zach's mom always says one of the best days of her life was the day he learned to read because he finally stopped asking her to tell him stories. Whether it be listening, reading, writing, or now filmmaking, Zach has been in love with storytelling his entire life. Currently a Film and New Media major at Colorado College, Zach loves exploring the beautiful wilderness of Colorado and integrating it into his work. When he's not working or studying, Zach loves to play tennis, read, write, play guitar, and enjoy time with his friends and family. 

Jodi Powell

Jodi learning about and remembering Eugene: The day that I found out that Eugene Rounds died, I met a friend of his, Bonnie Ingram. She shared with me that he performed on Broadway and was also on the cover of JET magazine in the 60's. This was when it came together for me; his singing, his bold expressions and his flair and love for beautiful things - this was all natural for him. Eugene might have had difficult days living on the corner of 135th street but he was able to capture the eyes and hearts of many. At his memorial it was clear to me that he represented a solid role, as one of Harlem's most eloquent, stylish and caring residents.

Eugene 1

Euguene Rounds wearing his leopard print jacket.

Eugene Rounds Twoimages

Photos of Eugene (left image) // Eugene on Jet Magazine (right image).

Jodi Powell is curious, enthusiastic and is fascinated with cultural mannerisms. She's lived in the US for almost a decade and completed her broadcast journalism degree from Plattsburgh State. She works as a teaching artist with high school students, a journalist for independent projects and edits for a travel blog. In her free time she loves sharing stories on any stage this great city offers and credits her roots, Jamaica, and her current home, Harlem, as inspiration.

Allison Yeh

Allison And Po

Po on the ground at Allison's school dance (left) // Allison, Po, and friend before dance (right).

Allison Yeh graduated from The Loomis Chaffee School. She spent her first semester of college studying abroad in Florence, Italy. After immersing herself in European culture (and carbs) she attended Brandeis University for her second semester, where she wrote for the on campus newspaper and was a member of the Crew team. Allison is now transferring to Barnard College where she intends to major in English with a focus in Creative Writing. She loves trying out new environments and staying active wherever she goes! 

Delia Bloom

Delia Camp Pic

Delia as a camp counselor.

Delia Bloom has been telling stories since she wrote her first Blue's Clues fan fiction at the age of five. While the topics of her writing have grown up, her sense of humor has not. Having studied English, Creative Writing, and Theater at Bryn Mawr, she is an enthusiast of stories of all kinds. She has also worked at television and theater production companies and can't wait to get started at The Moth!

Illen Asmerom


Illen Asmerom is an Amherst College sophomore from Washington D.C. double majoring in English and Political Science. On campus, she is the poetry editor of The Circus, a literary magazine, and the MC of Marsh Coffee Haus, a biweekly series of arts performances. When she isn’t in Frost Library, you can find her charging her friends a small fee in exchange for witty and culturally relevant Instagram captions.

Charlotte Detwiler

Screen Shot 2016 07 25 At 6 15 00 Pm

Charlotte Detwiler is a rising junior at Bucknell University. She is a double major in Psychology and Education and hoping to somehow tie the two majors to create a career. Charlotte is the director of senior programming for her sorority, Delta Gamma, and a member of the social media team for Bucknell's chapter of Spoon University. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Charlotte hopes to return to the homeland after school. 

Olivia Parker

Olivia Parker is a rising junior at The Dalton School. The Moth is the second internship she has held after working at the Park Avenue Armory last summer. Although she was born in Paris, Olivia has lived in New York for most of her life. In her spare time Olivia enjoy's doing creative writing and boxing.

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