Abeny Kucha

Abeny Mathayo Kucha is a single mother who survived the civil war and genocide in her homeland of South Sudan and immigrated to the United States. Here she became a certified Nursing assistant and worked at the Mayo Clinic for almost ten years as a surgical processing tech. She is the mother of two daughters. Atong, her oldest, recently graduated from law school in May 2012. Abeny is proud to say what a joy it was to see her accomplish her dream of becoming a lawyer, because few refugees’ children graduate high school, let alone attend college. Abeny also has three sons and one grandson. She lives in Lincoln, Nebraska and is the author of Tears Of a Mother: A Sudanese Survivor’s Story, her first book about her life while living in Sudan. or more information on Abeny's book and other projects, visit her website at www.tearsofamother.com.

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Abeny Kucha

The First Cow

by Abeny Kucha

Abeny Kucha flees from violence in her village in the Sudan and finds a new home in Portland, Maine.

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