The First Cow - Abeny Kucha

“From gunfire to gunfire. From death to death. I walked the entire Eastern Continent of Eastern Africa with these children.”

Photo by Mark Arrigo

The First Cow

by Abeny Kucha

Abeny Kucha flees from violence in her village in the Sudan and finds a new home in Portland, Maine.

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Abeny Kucha sits down to talk with The Moth's Curatorial Associate, Casey Donahue, about life in the United States, cultural differences, and retirement.

Abeny also shared her story with NET Public Television in Lincoln, Nebraska where she lives. See video of her story here:

Abeny Kucha Radio Extra 5

"Our first day in America, eating our first meal, after we have been eating leaves for so many years in refugee camps in Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya. That was chicken, we were eating chicken that day, not leaves. 5/24/1994" - Abeny

Abeny Kucha Radio Extra 6

A family photo taken in Minnesota in 2006.

Abeny Kucha Radio Extra 4

Abeny and her daughter Atong at Atong's graduation from law school in Minnesota, 2012.

Abeny Kucha Radio Extra 3

"My brother Mareach. He was twelve years old when we first arrived in America. Now he is an engineer, he makes planes (he works with The Boeing company ) it is a dream come true." - Abeny

Abeny Kucha Radio Extra 2

Abeny's daughter Atong's wedding on the shores of Lake Superior (L) and her traditional marriage in Nebraska, 2016 (R).

Abeny Kucha Radio Extra 7

Abeny's book is available on Amazon: