Sam, Me and Oscar the Grouch - Edward Hejka

“Sesame Street nearly killed our son. ”

Photo by Liz Mackinder

Sam, Me and Oscar the Grouch

by Eddie Hejka

Eddie Hejka’s son Sammy is autistic and very determined to meet Oscar the Grouch.

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1604 Eddie Hejka17

Eddie Hejka's family. From left to right: Sam, Jeremy, Mike, Josette, Michelle, Eddie Hejka, Gisele, Terrin, Elizabeth, and Jennifer [Three of our sons, four of our daughters].

1604 Eddie Hejka15

Eddie Hejka's family in 2009. From left to right: Elizabeth, Mike, Andre, Jennifer, Josette, Sam, jeremy, Gisele, Eddie Hejka, Kyara, Terrin, Michelle, and Dora (the dog)