Pagan Fundraisers, Blue Haired Boy, Autism and Oscar - Dameon Wilburn

“I just need to find a witchcraft class. I’m in Michigan, how hard could it be?”

Photo by Sean Carter

Pagan Fundraisers, Blue Haired Boy, Autism and Oscar

A woman visits a fortuneteller and is told she is cursed, a stay-at-home mother contemplates becoming a minister, the father of an autistic child describes his son’s perilous adventure and a woman takes in a history buff in need of shelter. This hour includes an interview with Patricia Wheeler, Michigan StorySLAM producer. Hosted by Senior Producer, Jenifer Hixson. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

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Stories in this Episode

The Curse

by Dame Wilburn

Dame Wilburn is told that she is cursed and decides to try and lift the curse herself.

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Go in Peace

by Tina Zimmerman

Tina Zimmerman is on the cusp of empty-nest syndrome when an accident helps her decide that she wants to become a minister.

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Sam, Me and Oscar the Grouch

by Eddie Hejka

Eddie Hejka’s son Sammy is autistic and very determined to meet Oscar the Grouch.

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The Triangle Shirtwaist Connection

by Michelle Fecteau

Michelle Fecteau is working at The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Museum when she meets an enthusiastic history buff on a pilgrimage with no place to stay.

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Extras From This Episode

1604 Dame Wilburn

Dame Wilburn and her wife.

1604 Tina Zimmerman At Her Ordination

Tina Zimmerman at her ordination.

1604 Eddie Hejka17

Eddie Hejka's family. From left to right: Sam, Jeremy, Mike, Josette, Michelle, Eddie Hejka, Gisele, Terrin, Elizabeth, and Jennifer [Three of our sons, four of our daughters]

1604 Eddie Hejka15

Eddie Hejka's family in 2009. From left to right: Elizabeth, Mike, Andre, Jennifer, Josette, Sam, jeremy, Gisele, Eddie Hejka, Kyara, Terrin, Michelle, and Dora (the dog)

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