Bible Bucks, Meatballs, and OCD - Alvin Lau

“I wanted to remember what it felt like to salivate over something, some of the things you take for granted.”

Bible Bucks, Meatballs, and OCD The Moth Radio Hour

Photo by Mike Martens

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Bible Bucks, Meatballs, and OCD

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Tales from The Moth StorySLAMs: Encyclopedia Brown in the courtroom, "Bible bucks" at Sunday school, a corporate speech writer, an alpha big brother, an imaginary last meal, the Bad News Bears of high school basketball, and the need for romantic de-cluttering.

Stories in this Episode

The Encyclopedia Brown Moment

by Alan Gordon

Alan Gordon is a public defender who has always longed for an Encyclopedia Brown moment.

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Sunday School Dropout

by Jen Lee

Jen Lee has her kids attend Bible school while visiting her religious parents.

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Speechwriter's Lament

by Karen Duffin

Karen Duffin is a speech writer for a powerful CEO when she oversleeps.

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Sweet & Sour Meatballs

by Alvin Lau

Alvin Lau details what he'd like his last meal to be if he doesn't survive his cancer.

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The Finish Line

by Chris Rasheed

Chris Rasheed is the inexperienced coach of a losing basketball team.

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Sink or Swim

by Kevin McAuliffe

Kevin McAuliffe visits his big brother in NYC.

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One Woman's Trash

by Kate Greathead

Kate Greathead must unload a garbage bag full of romantic memorabilia.

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Extras From This Episode

Jen Lee

Jen is the director and producer of Indie Kindred, a documentary about creative collaboration among independent artists.

Karen Duffin

Egypt 465X396

Karen (L) and the CEO (R) in Egypt for meetings.

Wef 11 428X620

"This is us at the World Economic Forum." From left to right, Protective Services Director Chris Plummer, Karen Duffin, and CEO John Chambers.

Alvin Lau

Alvin Lau Radio Extra

Alvin Lau digging into a bowl of mac and cheese.

Chris Rasheed

Chris Rasheed Radio Extra

Chris Rasheed's basketball team.

Kate Greathead

Kate Greathead Radio Extra

Kate Greathead (R).

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