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Dispatches from the Moth · Posted On: Jun 16, 2011

What’s Your Story? The Moth Pitch Line Turns 2 with 200+ Submissions!

by The Moth

Many people engage with The Moth as listeners through subscribing to our weekly podcast or tuning in to The Moth Radio Hour on their local public radio station. But two summers ago, The Moth decided to give its listeners the opportunity to take off their headphones and step up to the microphone via our Pitch Line.

Before we knew it – the story ideas came pouring in from around the globe! To date there have been a total of 212 story ideas received through the Pitch Line – including one by Fathia Absie, whose full-length story was developed and featured on The Moth Mainstage as well as the current season of The Moth Radio Hour.

Listen to Fathia describe how she found The Moth and how The Moth found her via the Pitch Line:

The Moth Pitch Line: How The Moth found Fathia Absie by mothstories

Using either our toll-free phone number or embedded recorder on our website, listeners (like Fathia) are able to submit 1-minute pitches of their stories. Although we cannot feature every story on the stage or the radio, we will share a selection of them on our website and let our listeners vote for their favorites. The latest batch of story pitches include:

  • A boy’s mother listens to him die and get revived over the phone.
  • A musician watches his band break it big … from rehab.
  • A teenaged girl sneaks behind the scenes at the National Cathedral.
We add fresh pitches every two weeks, so please continue to visit, submit, listen and vote. The Moth’s success, as always, depends on your continued participation and support.

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