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Tell A Story

We’re actively looking for stories to feature on the site, on the stage and on The Moth Radio HourRead more »

Tell A Story

Everyone's got a story. What's yours?

We're looking for stories to feature on our website, The Moth Radio Hour, and potentially The Moth Mainstage!

  • Wow us with a 2-minute pitch of your story!

  • Start with your name, email, story title and name of city where your story takes place.

  • Tell us the actual story – not what it's about or what it might be. Give us a sense of your story arc and how your story changed you.

  • The stories must be TRUE and must be YOUR STORY – not your sister's or your best friend's.

Cliffhangers will not be considered (i.e. "and so begins the story of the greatest adventure of my life"). Go on! Tell us about the adventure! Don't leave us hanging, because we won't call you back.

Say it loud, say it proud. Some computer's microphones have a hard time recording quiet voices.

Still having trouble? Pitch by Phone: 1-877-799-MOTH (1-877-799-6684).

I acknowledge that this recording becomes the property of The Moth and leaving this message means that I give The Moth the right to broadcast my pitch and share it online. I also acknowledge that some of my information will be made public.

And then what happens?

All pitches will be reviewed. If we want to hear the whole story, we'll be in touch.