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Dispatches from the Moth · Posted On: Apr 16, 2019

The Moth Global Community Program

by The Moth Staff

Web New Delhi Workshop March 2019

The Moth's Global Community Program began in 2014 with the support of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation with the aim to develop and elevate true, personal stories from extraordinary individuals in the global south. Our workshops focus on the craft of personal storytelling, helping participants turn significant life experiences into compelling, impactful stories.

The Moth’s Global Community Program conducts storytelling workshops, partnering with organizations across Africa and South Asia. So far, we’ve held workshops in Kenya, India, South Africa, Uganda, and Tanzania -- and to date, we have over 300 Moth Global graduates from 46 different countries.

Moth Global Community participants submit and are selected through an application process. Once selected, participants gather for a 2.5 day workshop where they practice storytelling crafting in small groups, along with Moth instructors. At the end of each workshop, participants are invited to share their story in front of fellow participants and in many cases they go on to share their stories with peers, policy-makers, and in critical forums including the the International Conference on Family Planning.

Many participants apply their stories to advocacy and change-making work, addressing issues such as:

  • HIV/AIDS education and prevention

  • Gender Equality

  • Agricultural Improvement
  • Family Planning

  • Neglected Tropical Diseases

Web Kigali Uganda Icfp Show Nov 2018

Many of our Global Program participants have also been featured on Moth stages and on The Moth Radio Hour and Podcast. See our playlist below or click here to watch some Global stories!

Participants are saying:

  • “The craft I learnt from you on personal storytelling actually inspired me more and now am translating the skills into action for social change.” — Godfrey Ochieng

  • "I learned that everyone has a story that if told well, can move others to change and perhaps even move them from a dark place to one of light and hope." — Caroline Abilat

  • "This Moth opportunity was really important. It taught me that there is an audience out there that needs to know what we're doing. Telling a story resonates with people. I now look for stories that will make my work more impactful to people who need to know what we're doing." — Mercy Lung’aho

  • “It is okay to address your own vulnerabilities. Moth workshops gave me the tools to do that.” — R. Jarhum

  • "Telling true stories you can touch people's hearts and they're able to get the information." — Chilufya Kasanda

  • “I could not stop marvelling the power of storytelling and how simple, few but powerful words could quickly build trust in a room full of strangers and people who are not so close to each other.” — Lepheana Mosooane

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Global Community

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