Abraham Leno

A former refugee in Guinea, Abraham watched his mother sell her jewelry when there was nothing left to trade just to feed the family. He and his siblings had to sell fuel in bottles on the street corners so that they could have a meal, sometimes making only a dollar a day. He says he felt and lost hope since it was all about survival. Today, Abraham is the Country Representative for the American Refugee Committee (ARC) in Bukavu Congo where he oversees the overall management of ARC programs in the country. He is grateful to have lived beyond survival and now has a family and a home of his own and other people who look up to him. His relief and development work is inspired by memories of this kindness and the generosity of many others. Through his work he is not only reliving his past experiences but most importantly stimulating others not to just survive but develop and thrive.

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Abraham Leno

The Tourist and the Refugee

by Abraham Leno

Abraham Leno's dream of college is threatened when war breaks out in his country. 

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