Abraham Leno

Abraham has spent his whole career promoting health, dignity and joy in the world’s most difficult places — starting in Guinea, where he and his family were refugees themselves for eleven years. As a humanitarian leader, Abraham has led relief and development efforts in Liberia, South Sudan, Darfur, Ethiopia, Balochistan in Pakistan, and now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In DRC, Abraham is executive director of Eastern Congo Initiative and co-creator of the revolutionary Asili business model.

Abraham is grateful to have lived beyond survival, and now has a family and a home of his own and other people who look up to him. His relief and development work are inspired by memories of the kindness and the generosity of many others. He travels widely throughout the DRC and United States, but he is based in ECI’s headquarters in Bukavu.

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Abraham Leno

The Tourist and the Refugee

by Abraham Leno

Abraham Leno's dream of college is threatened when war breaks out in his country. 

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