Zellia Enjoli Tatiana

Zellia Enjoli Tatiana (B.K.A. “Zee”) is a master of free-verse poetry and a lover of love. Born and raised on Detroit’s westside, she loves music concerts, festivals, smooth plane rides, and rollerskating until 2 a.m. on Fridays. The storyteller inside Zee is inspired by her desire to illustrate truth and beauty as the perfect affinity. There is a special compartment in her heart where she folds and holds histories. Of humanity. Of love. Of her own life. Find Zee’s self-published poetry on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online, or in her backpack. Find her profile on Instagram, @theeendoftheealphabet, and hear poetry from her newest project, Whatever

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Zellia Enjoli Tatiana

Customer Care

by Zellia Enjoli Tatiana

Zellia Fossett learns something new about herself through her work as a customer care agent. 

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