Theresa Thames

Theresa S. Thames is authentic, honest and the Associate Dean of Religious Life and of the Chapel at Princeton University. Born and raised in Biloxi, Mississippi, being a Black woman from the deep south informs her sense of the world. She is an ordained Methodist pastor but considers herself more poly-religious when it comes to her desire to understand God's depth and breadth. She is also the founder and CEO of Soul Joy Coaching LLC. Theresa is unapologetically queer and lives a life rooted in activism and liberation theology. She is a wife, music connoisseur, avid reader, certified yoga teacher, and dog mama. She loves the arts so much that she wanted to be an opera singer, florist, and beautician growing up. Most importantly, Theresa believes that freedom is not optional, rest is her strength, and radical joy is her resistance.

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Theresa Thames

The Rough Side of the Mountain

by Theresa Thames

Theresa Thames officiates a wedding in Hawaii.

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