Swapna Kakani

Daughter of South Indian immigrants, SWAPNA KAKANI was born and raised in Huntsville. She is a graduate of Randolph School, and received her Bachelors in Psychology at University of Alabama at Birmingham. She is a motivational speaker in the area of overcoming personal adversity and a health advocate for the rare disease community. Swapna gives inspirational keynotes around the country for the purpose of improving healthcare delivery and the patient experience. Her inspirational life story is one of triumph over chronic illness and of developing individual resilience and self-determination in the face of constant difficulties. This year, Swapna created Alabama Rare, an advocacy coalition for the state’s rare disease community. Storytelling is a key part of Swapna’s keynotes. She is grateful for this inaugural opportunity with The Moth and is excited to share what she loves to do with her hometown.

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Swapna Kakani

Coming of Age

by Swapna Kakani

After her sari ceremony and debutante ball, Swapna Kakani realizes what coming of age really means.

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