Sue Steinacher

I’ve often felt I had an internal compass pointing me north and west, which is how a kid from Long Island, NY eventually ends up in Nome, AK. Along the way I went to Oregon State University, earning a BS in Biology with a minor in art. Upon graduation in 1980 I immediately headed north, with dreams of being a wildlife biologist and wildlife artist. My passion for the outdoors and creative expression led me down numerous unanticipated trails in Alaska, including many on the back of a sled led by a team of sled dogs. 

Following the pull north and west I reached the Inupiaq village of Little Diomede, in the middle of the Bering Strait, to study walruses. A deep and life-changing friendship with the Diomeders developed, and has enriched and informed my appreciation of Alaska’s Native People. 

I’ve held a variety of jobs, but when viewed through the prism of my passions they all make sense. And finally, at the age of 48, I was smart enough to recognize the right man when he came along – who was willing to relocate to Nome! After 14+ years here together, we continue to enjoy the diversity of good people and outdoor opportunities, and the company of five dogs.

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Vixen and the USSR

by Sue Steinacher

Sue Steinacher fights USSR bureaucracy with dog-diplomacy.

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