Rae Wynn-Grant

Rae Wynn-Grant is a large carnivore ecologist with an expertise in using field biology, statistics, and mapping, and to investigate how human activity influences carnivore behavior and ecology. Her research is conducted with black bears in the Western Great Basin, grizzly bears in Montana, and African lions in rural Kenya and Tanzania. She also leads field courses in wildlife ecology in East and Central Africa. A native Californian, Dr. Wynn-Grant attributes her interest in wildlife and conservation from the television shows she watched as a child. Dr. Wynn-Grant received her B.S. in Environmental Studies from Emory University, her M.S. in Environmental Studies from Yale University, and her Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolution from Columbia University. She completed a postdoctoral fellowship with the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation at the American Museum of Natural History. She is currently a carnivore ecologist with National Geographic Society and, when not in the field, lives in Washington, DC with her daughter.

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Grief and Gratitude in Maasailand

by Rae Wynn-Grant

Rae Wynn Grant's perspective on America shifts while studying wildlife in Africa.

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