Mariya Dostzadah Goodbrake

Mariya Dostzadah Goodbrake is the founder and director of Globa FC, a non-profit organization based in Kansas City that support’s refugee youth and families with the tools to overcome obstacles to success through the vehicle of soccer. Previously, she worked with International Medical Assistance in Mexico, coordinating medical projects to advance health care for the economically deprived Maya populations in the Yucatan Peninsula. A native Afghan raised in Iran and India, before immigrating to Canada with her family, she relocated to the United States in 2012. Mariya is also a Cultural Diversity Professional (CDP), active public speaker, intercultural trainer, researcher, and training curriculum developer.

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Mariya Dostzadah Goodbrake

Between Worlds

by Mariya Dostzadah Goodbrake

Mariya Goodbrake discovers common ground between the two communities she loves.

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