Manuelito Wheeler

Born and raised in the Navajo Nation, Manuelito Wheeler is currently the Director of the Navajo Nation Museum in Window Rock, AZ. With many years in the museum field, he has developed a sense of how museums can be more effective as places of understanding and wonder. He has led his team of 8 in creating evocative projects which influence and preserve Navajo culture, including partnerships with major motion picture studios to dub popular movies into the Navajo language. Past projects include dubbing Star Wars IV A New Hope and Finding Nemo in Navajo. Currently, he is working with the National Archives in Washington DC to bring the Navajo Treaty of 1868 to the Navajo Nation Museum for the momentous 150th anniversary.

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Manuelito Wheeler

Navajo Star Wars

by Manuelito Wheeler

Manuelito Wheeler wants to help preserve the Navajo language by dubbing Star Wars.

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