Leah Haydock

Leah Haydock grew up in the UK and has counted New England as home for the last 16 years. She lives in fear of developing one of those weird transatlantic accents like Madonna. Please don't tell her if she has. After going to school for genetics and pharmacology, Leah made the rather strange decision to become a photographer. It's working out so far. When she's not telling stories about relationships through her award-winning images (www.LeahHaydock.com) she likes to read, cook and take very slow walks with her two elderly miniature dachshunds. Leah is currently attempting to write a memoir, hopefully, it will work out better than her short-lived food blog.

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Leah Haydock

Love And Pasta

by Leah Haydock

After a turbulent history in online dating, Leah finds solace in pasta.

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