Javier Morillo

Javier Morillo is an activist, writer, pundit and all-around loudmouth. He often plays the part of the passionate progressive on local political talk shows and blogs about whatever gets his goat as Thug in Pastels. He created and cohosts the podcast "Wrong About Everything," a fun, irreverent and bipartisan look at Minnesota and national politics. He also advises political campaigns, enjoying a reputation as a dogged strategist and a really sore loser. In a past life, he was a longtime, debt-ridden student and taught at Macalester and Carleton Colleges. He lives on the West Side of Saint Paul with his partner John and their brood: Diego the Dog and his cat brothers Nacho, Stevie, and Raheem. 

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Javier Morillo


by Javier Morillo

Javier Morillo faces some ugly memories while preparing for his 30th high school reunion.

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