Frimet Goldberger

FRIMET GOLDBERGER is a freelance writer, full-time mother of two teens who occasionally think she’s an okay person, and part-time procrastinator. She is also known as The Babka Lady, or the purveyor of the most sinfully-delicious babkas anywhere. She is a jack of too many trades, master of none, or all—depending on the day. Frimet has written widely about growing up in the insular Hasidic community of Kiryas Joel and ultimately leaving with her husband and children. Her radio stories have been broadcast on PRI’s The World, as well as on BBC World Service. Her yearlong investigation on the cover-up of sex abuse in the Hasidic enclave of New Square, New York, was awarded a 2015 Ippies Award for best investigative/in-depth story, and was also a finalist for a 2015 Deadline Club Award. Frimet graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a degree in underwater basket weaving. She now lives in the suburbs of New York, also known as the boondocks to city dwellers, with her husband and two children. She is presently at work investigating an ultra-Orthodox cult that has evaded authorities for years. Her first novel is in the pipeline, too, but look for it on bookshelves in 2080.

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Frimet Goldberger

My Knight in Shining Sidecurls

by Frimet Goldberger

Frimet Goldberger ventures into the unexplored world of a Florida water park.

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