Evie O'Reilly

EVIE O’REILLY was made in Greece, born in Cork, and nurtured in Dublin. Fulfilling at least a few cliches she moved to the States as a teenager, following her charismatic, but completely impractical novelist father. Virginia was a culture shock of the highest kind and so doing as the cowboys did, Evie headed West. Here she found wet and water and a place to tell and enjoy stories. She tended bar, paid her penance to the world of corporate and fine dining restaurants alike and eventually left to nanny to a gaggle (not messing around, they do occasionally quack) of kids. Think more Mrs. Doubtfire than Mary Poppins. She has sewn all the wild oats she could find, painted herself for every naked bike ride she’s been able to get to and is now permanently partnered to a Washington native who says yes to “most” of the adventures and travel she comes up with. When not herding packs of wise-talking kids around Seattle you’ll find Evie visiting one of her hundreds of cousins somewhere in Europe or Colombia or relaxing with some Glogg in her third adopted country of Denmark.

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Tangled up in Orange

by Evie O'Reilly

Evie O'Reilly goes on her first naked bike ride.

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