Estella Jones

RADM Estella Z. Jones serves as Deputy Director of OCET and provides overall leadership and coordination for FDA’s AWC. She has effectively established many sustainable countermeasure programs to support the preclinical review of crucial animal data. She received her baccalaureate degree from Tuskegee University and her doctorate from Louisiana State University. She previously worked for WHO’s Institute for Primate Research in Nairobi, Kenya; in industry; at NIH; at FDA in CVM, CBER, and CDER; and in the
HHS Office of the Secretary. RADM Jones previously held a dual faculty appointment at Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine in both Comparative Medicine and Anesthesiology, aiding with the discovery of various medical breakthroughs. She serves on the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Subcommittee for Disaster Reduction and has worked with DoD and the Pentagon on joint service parity strategies. RADM Jones served as the Animal Care and Use Committee Chairperson for NIAID’s Biosafety
Level-4 Fort Detrick facility for over eight years. She represents FDA Executive Leadership responsible for Congressional level reporting for the HHS Tick-borne Disease Working Group, established under Section 2062 of the 21st Century Cures Act. She has deployed for a variety of public health emergencies to include the terrorist attacks of 911, the 2001 Anthrax attacks, Hurricane Katrina and the most recent CoVID19 pandemic. She maintains modern veterinary clinical and surgical skills with multiple species by staying active in a large emergency and rescue practice in Northern Virginia with over 70,000 clients.

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