Corinne Rich

CORINNE RICH is no longer a Seattle resident, but she likes to think she left a chunk of her heart here. Specifically, she believes she left that chunk in the second booth from the door on the right side of Meander’s Kitchen (may it rest in peace). She moved away two years ago to the majestic (?) town of Davis, California, where she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Viticulture and Enology, which are just fancy words for wine tomfoolery and scholastic validation of her drinking habit. When she’s not cooped up in her laboratory or banging her head against the wall just outside the door of said laboratory, she’s probably outdoors somewhere, running amok on a hillside or maybe just breathing in some fresh air by the beach. Either way, she hopes she remembered to bring snacks with her.

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Corinne Rich

Just a Little Off the Top

by Corinne Rich

A night at a winery leads to a drastic change.

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