Connie Mudenda

Connie Mudenda is a (RED) Amabassador and AIDS activist. She is HIV-positive, and living proof of the tremendous power of anti-retroviral meds, known as ARVS.  

In the 1990s, Connie lost all three of her children to AIDS. She had not been tested and didn’t know she was living with HIV.  In 2005, Connie got tested for HIV and began assessing treatment. Today, she remains on treatment and thanks to the power of her life-saving meds, she had a daughter, named Lubona, who was born HIV-free in 2012. 

Living in Lusaka, Zambia, Connie works to fight stigma, encourages people to get tested, and educates people living with HIV about the importance of adhering to treatment. 

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Connie Mudenda

A Mother Can’t Wait

by Connie Mudenda

HIV Counselor and new mother Connie Mudenda learns firsthand what it feels like to wait for a infant’s test results.

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