Colin Channer

Colin Channer was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He went to school there and in New York. His most recent book is a poetry collection, Providential, which Eileen Myles describes as "one of the most lucid and telling poetry books of this exact time." Colin is the father of two kids, Makonnen and Addis, and the emeritus director of a literature festival started with two friends. This former bass man for a Brooklyn reggae band has served as Newhouse Professor in Creative Writing at Wellesley College and Fannie Hurst Writer in Residence at Brandeis University. He does yoga, is slackly vegan, and gets quite Bobby Brown ("It's my prerogative") when asked about his love of curried goat.

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Colin Channer

To Catch a Teef

by Colin Channer

Colin Channer is a kid in Jamaica with a deep love for comic books.

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