Brigette Jones

Brigette Janea Jones is the Director of Equitable Partnerships for Belle Meade Historic Site and Winery in Nashville, Tennessee and founder of Bridge Builders Historical Consulting, LLC. Her work includes the preservation and interpretation of the vast social histories of the many diverse cultures that inhabit the state of Tennessee, including but not limited to, African American history, Latino history, and Middle Eastern history; as well as fostering the types of partnerships with community institutions that will aid in the enhancement of their quality of life. Ms. Jones is a Memphis native and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Historically Black, Tennessee State University in Nashville, Tennessee. In 2019, she gained certification through the National Association of Interpretation and the Smithsonian Institute: National Museum of African American History and Culture to become an official interpreter of the African American experience. Most recently, she served as Curator of Social History for the Tennessee State Museum and Director of African American Studies for the Belle Meade Plantation Museum in Nashville, where her academic focus was primarily on the lasting legacy of American chattel enslavement on Tennessee and surrounding areas.

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Standing as 10,000

by Brigette Jones

Brigette Jones is determined to become a tour guide at Belle Meade Plantation.

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