Annie Tan

Annie Tan is a 6th-year special education teacher at a NYC public school in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. Born and raised in Chinatown, Manhattan, Annie worked in Chicago from 2011-2016 and became active within the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), eventually serving two years as the co-chair of the CTU Special Education Committee and as a member of the Chicago Special Education Taskforce. She moved back home to New York City in July 2016, but not before serving as an Illinois Bernie Sanders delegate at the 2016 Democratic National Convention (DNC). When not teaching her mostly Latinx, Chinese, and Arabic students, Annie can be found writing, and has published pieces in Edutopia, the Cloaking Inequity blog, and the Huffington Post. She writes and organizes around Asian American issues, protecting Chinatown and other communities from gentrification, public education, special education, and labor unions. Annie is currently involved as a member of the Chinatown Tenants Union of CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, the Movement of Rank-and-File Educators (MORE-UFT) Caucus within the United Federation of Teachers, and #educolor. You can find Annie’s work and current life endeavors at @angryteachr.

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Annie Tan

Remembering Vincent

by Annie Tan

Annie Tan stokes the fire of her curiosity, but uncovers a dark moment in her family’s history.

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