Angela Dohrmann

Iowa born and bred, Angela Dohrmann is thrilled to be back in the heartland. Her storytelling philosophy sets out to prove the formula: Shame + Time = Comedy. In addition to attending as many Moth slams as she can, Angela is active in the New York theater scene as a writer and an actor. A former member of Second City, she is a skillful improviser, an in-demand coach, as well as a popular live host. Before Angela’s greatest accomplishments, her two sons Max and Flynn, she lived in Los Angeles. Seinfeld fans remember her iconic role as Donna Chang, the Chinese Woman; Star Trekkies, devotées of The Drew Carey Show and Nash Bridges fans might recall her recurring roles on those, and many other, shows from the 1990s. Her adorable nephew Jack still resides in California where he plays a mean baritone for the San Benancio Middle School band. P.S. Angela is an accomplished acting teacher at the college level who has a kid graduating from high school this year; please contact her through her web page with any job prospects that provide tuition benefits. She’s not kidding.

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Bring Home the Bacon

by Angela Dohrmann

Angela Dohrmann goes whole-hog during a Wendy's giveaway.

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