Alyssa Ladd

ALYSSA LADD discovered the world of storytelling three years ago. Since then, she’s authored dozens of stories for Houston’s Grown Up Story Time, won 4 Moth StorySLAMs, told a story on NPR’s Moth Radio Hour, and even given a TEDx talk. Alyssa spends her days practicing corporate law as a mergers and acquisitions attorney, but in whatever time that remains, she can be found listening to podcasts while walking her dog, Murph, imitating things she saw on The Great British Baking Show, or trying to learn more about wine. She’s a proponent of doing things for the story and truly believes that vulnerable storytelling and empathetic listening are the secrets to world peace.

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Alyssa Ladd

Busted at Jesus Camp

by Alyssa Ladd

Alyssa Ladd attempts to be the "best Christian" at her Evangelical summer camp.

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