Leaving Baghdad - Abbas Mousa

“It was now or never.”

Photo by Brian Powers

Leaving Baghdad

by Abbas Mousa

Abbas Mousa flees Iraq and becomes a translator for the US Army.

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Extras From This Story

Abbas Mousa Radio Extra 1

Abbas Mousa (second from right) with his family on the day of his college graduation.

Abbas Mousa Radio Extra 3

Abbas in Baghdad two days before he received his special immigrant visa.

Abbas Mousa Radio Extra 7

"A couple of days after I took my big suitcase and left for Kurdistan state in Northern Iraq. This is the square when I would sit and watch people."

Abbas Mousa Radio Extra 6

Abbas on the job, translating between SPC Sohnrey and workers.

Abbas Mousa Radio Extra 2

"After Cowboy became my nickname, I really embraced the character." - Abbas