Veterans' Day 2016: Iraq, Aircraft Carriers & Candy - Veterans Day 2016 Iraq Aircraft Carriers Candy Hero

“It was now or never.”

Veterans' Day 2016: Iraq, Aircraft Carriers & Candy

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A special Veterans' Day episode of The Moth. A Naval Aviator trains to land his plane on an aircraft carrier, a future marine rebels against her abusive father, an Iraqi man risks his life working as a translator for the armed forces. Hosted by The Moth’s Artistic Director Catherine Burns. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

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Stories in this Episode

Good to Go

by Ted Hartley

Ted Hartley and his fellow Naval Aviators struggle to to complete their first landings on a ship.

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Candy Stripes: Rise in the Fall

by Taniki Richard

Taniki Richard is forced to provide for her parents and siblings.

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Leaving Baghdad

by Abbas Mousa

Abbas Mousa flees Iraq and becomes a translator for the US Army.

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Extras From This Episode

Fighter Squadron Vf 73 On Mediterranean Patrol Trh

Mr. Hartley from Fighter squadron (VF 73) on Mediterranean patrol. Mr. Hartley is front and center.

Abbas Mousa Radio Extra 1

Abbas Mousa (second from right) with his family on the day of his college graduation.

Abbas Mousa Radio Extra 3

Abbas in Baghdad two days before he received his special immigrant visa.

Abbas Mousa Radio Extra 7

"A couple of days after I took my big suitcase and left for Kurdistan state in Northern Iraq. This is the square when I would sit and watch people."

Abbas Mousa Radio Extra 6

Abbas on the job, translating between SPC Sohnrey and workers.

Abbas Mousa Radio Extra 2

"After Cowboy became my nickname, I really embraced the character." - Abbas