A Tale of Two Dinners - Bliss Broyard

“I didn't feel white anymore but I didn't really feel black either.”

A Tale of Two Dinners

by Bliss Broyard

A daughter discovers her father’s painstakingly kept secret.

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Extras From This Story

Bliss Apb Look Of Love 465X371

Bliss, at age 1, with her father Anatole Broyard.

Scan0003 465X325

Bliss, age 2, and her brother Todd, age 4.

Bliss Apb Mvy Airport 465X320

Bliss, at age 18, with her father.

Paul Peter Henry Tintype 465X364

Three of the five brothers, born in the mid-1800s, from whom the Broyards in the story are descended.

Harold And Belle 465X303

The Broyards today, immediately after the second dinner party in the story.