Play it Again, SLAM - Wendy Paige

Photo by Jason Falchook

Play it Again, SLAM

In this hour, stories from The Moth's SLAM Showcase - a night of storytelling do-overs for tales from The Moth's archives that needed slight tweaks or a second chance. Standing out or fading away, chance encounters, and the importance of food. This hour is hosted by Moth Senior Director Jenifer Hixson. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Gabby Shea wants to impress her boyfriend's family with her macaroni and cheese.

Jon Novick reveals what his every day existence is like as a Little Person in New York City.

Annie Tan has trouble connecting with her father across a language barrier and physical distance.

Carl Banks draws upon his past to help a desperate young man on a bridge.

Anoush Froundijian is cast in a bit part in the Armenian version of Beauty and the Beast.

Wendy Paige encounters a racist classmate in her new school.

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Play It Again, SLAM! extras

Gabby Shea

Mrh2019 Gabby Shea Extra 4

Gabby's macaroni and cheese.

Mrh2019 Gabby Shea Extra 3

Gabby's daughters with their grandmother (Gabby's mother in law) making stuffing for Thanksgiving.

Mrh2019 Gabby Shea Extra 1

Gabby and her daughters.

Mrh2019 Gabby Shea Extra 2

The Thanksgiving spread.

Anoush Froundjian

Mrh2019 ​ Anoush Froundjian​ Extra 1

Anoush & her mom

Mrh2019 ​ Anoush Froundjian​ Extra 2

Anoush around the age that she played the wardrobe.

Mrh2019 ​ Anoush Froundjian​ Extra 3

Anoush in a group shot of the entire Beauty and the Beast cast. She says, "You can only see a portion of my face and headpiece. In a way, it illustrates the story perfectly."

Carl Banks

​ Mrh2019 Carl Banks​ Extra 1

Carl and Cynthia as babies.

​ Mrh2019 Carl Banks​ Extra 2

Carl and Cynthia as teens.

​ Mrh2019 Carl Banks​ Extra 3

Carl's sister, Cynthia, who was a runner in High School.

Wendy Paige

Mrh2019 Wendy Paige Extra 1

Wendy and her friends in front of the peer mediation poster.

Mrh2019 Wendy Paige Extra 2

Wendy with her friends.