Mismatch, Marriage, and a Marathon - Jessica Lee Williamson

Photo by Christian Leonard

Mismatch, Marriage, and a Marathon

An unlikely romance between an outdoorsy guy and an indoorsy woman; trials and tribulations of a marriage plus eight children; and Peter Sagal distracts himself from the pain of his divorce by running a marathon.

Stories in this Episode

A Place To Live

by Jessica Lee Williamson

Jessica Lee Williamson follows love to a campsite and loses her sense of self.

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About You and Me

by Horace H.B. Sanders

Horace HB Sanders gets married and divorced and then remarried.

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Keep Going

by Peter Sagal

Peter Sagal runs The Boston Marathon as a guide for a visually impaired man.

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Extras From This Episode

Jlwflagstaff 465X313

Jessica Lee Williamson with her dog shortly after moving to Flagstaff

Older Pictures On Cd 207 1 465X348

Patrick on top of a mountain

Ft Tuthill1 1 465X313

A picture of the campground with Patrick and Jessica’s friend Bryan playing guitar.

Photo 3 465X348

Horace and LaFawn. “He got it right,” she said.

Photo E1409690420132

William and Peter on the course, photo taken by Linda McIntosh, about two miles from the finish line.