It's The Little Things - Beverley Elliott

“So I make a deal with the Universe. I say, 'Can you just give me a sign, a signal, anything like a cinnamon heart, a falling flower on the ground, chocolate, anything?'”

Photo by Jason Falchook

It's The Little Things

In this hour, stories of questions. From rhetorical pleas to the curiosity and persistence of children, a favor for a kindred spirit and a request from a mourning mother, the important moments set in motion by a question mark. This hour is hosted by Moth Senior Director, Jenifer Hixson. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media.

Beverley Elliott writes a song about a yellow dress, despite not owning one.

Lee Thomas is a newscaster with vitiligo.

Matthew McGough becomes a Yankee batboy.

Reilly Horan considers her relationship to clothing and to her identity.

Camille Woods seeks a small bit of comfort after the death of her son.

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Extras From This Episode

It's the Little Things extras

Lee Thomas

Mrh1725 Lee Thomas Extra 2

Lee putting on his makeup.

Mrh1725 Lee Thomas Extra 3

Lee putting on his makeup.

Mrh1725 Lee Thomas Extra 4

Lee in full makeup.

Camille Woods

Mrh2004 Camille Woods Extra 6

Camille Woods and her son Marcus McIntosh, who everyone called Big Mack.

Mrh2004 Camille Woods Extra 1

Camille Woods and a young Marcus.

Mrh2004 Camille Woods Extra 3

The “I Got YOU” t-shirt.

Reilly Horan

Mrh2004 Reilly Horan Extra 1

A young Reilly Horan, a self proclaimed tomboy.

Mrh2004 Reilly Horan Extra 2

Reilly as Mary ("I wanted to be Joseph").