Cowboys, Green Beans and Jaguars - Alan Rabinowitz

Photo by Sarah Stacke

Cowboys, Green Beans and Jaguars

In this hour, a severely stuttering child years later becomes the world's premier jaguar expert. Plus, a Texas tale of moon pies and bedazzlers; the surprising story of a Harlem man who ends up at a rodeo in Oregon; and one father's way of coping with a son who loves the color pink. Scroll down for extras!

Stories in this Episode

Man and Beast

by Alan Rabinowitz

A severely stuttering child finds solace in speaking to animals.

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Green Bean Queen

by Faye Lane

A little girl's self esteem is challenged when cast in an unfavorable role in the school musical.

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Harlem Cowboy

by Rudy Rush

Rudy Rush, a comedian from Harlem, cannot buck his love for the rodeo.

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Oliver's Pink Bicycle

by James Braly

A three year old’s pink birthday wish makes a man consider the kind of father that he wants to be.

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Extras From This Episode

Alan Rabinowitz 410X620

Alan tracking jaguars in Brazil. Photo courtesy Steve Winters/National Geographic.

Alan With A Jaguar Brazil 465X310

Alan with a jaguar. Photo courtesy Steve Winters/Panthera.

Fayes Moms Beauty Shop

The beauty shop Faye grew up in. Photo courtesy Faye Lane.

Olivers Pink Bicycle 465X348

Oliver’s infamous pink bicycle. Photo courtesy James Braly.

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