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The Moth Podcast: Leftovers

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On this episode, we share two stories about food and memory.

Host: Kate Tellers


Terry Wolfisch Cole learns a lesson from her father.

Michael Imber tries to become his grandmother’s “angel boy.”

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Extras From This Episode

The Moth Podcast: Leftovers

Terry Wolfisch Cole

Terry Wolfisch Coles Tattoo

Terry Wolfisch Cole's Tattoo.

Terry Wolfisch Cole And Her Father

Frank Wolfisch with his grandchildren

Michael Imber

Michael Imber And His Grandmother Millie Shaikewitz In St  Louis In 1968

Michael Imber and his grandmother Millie Shaikewitz in St Louis in 1968.

Nanas Fudge Recipe From Michael Imbers Story

Nana's fudge recipe from Michael Imber's Story.