Onwards! - Alix Born & Carlton Parks - Mic Stock 6

Onwards! - Alix Born & Carlton Parks

In this New Year's Day episode, stories of moving into uncharted territory.

Hosted by: Jon Goode

Storytellers: Alix Born, Carlton Parks

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Onwards! - Alix Born & Carlton Parks

Alix Born

Mp692 Alix Born Extra 1

Alix lives in Vancouver, Canada, but in 2019, she crossed the border into the states, drove three hours and slept in her van in a church parking lot, just for a chance to be on The Moth StorySLAM stage in Seattle, WA.

Carlton Parks

Mp692 ​ Carlton Parks Extra 4

Carlton and his mother

Mp692 ​ Carlton Parks Extra 1

Carlton and his father

Mp692 ​ Carlton Parks Extra 2

Carlton, his mom and his sisters

Mp692 ​ Carlton Parks Extra 3

Carlton's mom and dad