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Dispatches from the Moth · Posted On: Mar 31, 2018

The Moth Staff Spotlight: Chloe

by Diane Cardoso

Chloe Salmon

As a storytelling organization, we sure have a lot of story-worthy staff members! Join us once a week for a spotlight on one of our Moth wizards. This week, meet Choe Salmon: associate producer and pun-extraordinaire.

Name: Chloe Salmon

Title: Associate Producer

Hometown: Wichita, Kansas

What would the title of the day in your life at The Moth be?

SLAMmin Salmon: A Day in the Life of a Moth Producer/Pun Genius

What story has impacted your life?

When I was younger, my dad came home with a “magic” book that he had made at work. He told us that the blank pages were full of stories only he could read, and he’d read them to my brother and I whenever we asked (which was often). I think that was the first time I learned that stories can be more about connection than anything else.

Besides being such an integral part of your career, how else does storytelling affect your daily life?

I feel like it helps me to be more mindful of the experiences of others. Especially in New York, it’s easy to pass by hundreds of people a day without taking a second to recognize that everyone you see has a tale to tell. I definitely spend a lot more time trying to guess people’s life stories on the subway than I would if I didn’t work at The Moth!

Why do you think it's important for storytelling to be accessible to global audiences?

Storytelling provides connection. It can be very easy to lose sight of the individual experiences of people who you don’t interact with regularly. Taking that connection and elevating it to a platform through which people can be seen and heard, is no small thing.

Name a story-worthy moment in your time at The Moth.

I solo produced my first-ever GrandSLAM in DC two days after the 2016 presidential election. After such a contentious race, I was worried that the show would be full of tension and negativity.  Instead, we all witnessed a night full of joy, tears, laughter and empathy. Seeing a 1200 person theatre full of positivity and support sparked a feeling I’ll always remember.

To hear Chloe co-host the recent 10th Anniversary Podcast, head here!
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